Abhimanyu Ghoshal

Abhimanyu Ghoshal

Tech journalist, design curator.

Abhimanyu Ghoshal is a photographer, writer and musician based in Bangalore, India. He also fancies himself a traveler, street food gourmet and design connoisseur, but that's besides the point. He has been writing about design, technology and apps for over a year, mostly because he has forgotten how to code.

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10 Powerful Audio Recording Apps | Android.AppStorm

Nov 25, 2013 ... Abhimanyu Ghoshal gave Easy Voice Recorder Pro a glowing review for us just a few weeks ago, and it's easy to see why. It captures audio in ......

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The Next Web

11 Indian Startups on Demo Day at Microsoft's Acclerator in Bangalore

Things have been busy all of last quarter at Microsoft Research and Development Centre in Bangalore, India, where 11 startups chosen from over 200 applicants for the first national ...


2032 | Stemmings

Famed science communicator Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson once described how, just as humans are different in DNA composition from chimpanzees by just 1% and are infinitely more intelligent, there may be ...

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About Us

India's first lad mag. Now exclusively on the web. Your fortnightly fix of girls, gizmos, football, gadgets, booze, grub, style, shopping and more. All of this served up with an extra dollop of sho......

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The Next Web

A Comprehensive Guide to Testing Web Apps

Here's everything you need to know before approaching a Web app test so you can build a quality product that keeps customers coming back for more....

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Adding questions to your survey

Adding questions to your survey. Abhimanyu Ghoshal on January 5th 2012. Tweet. Adding questions to your survey. Tweet · Share....

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All Guns Blazing

Back in its heyday, Contra did everything right on the console: fast-paced co-op gunplay, vibrant environs, explosions, lots of jumping...

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A Masterclass in Touchscreen Shooters

For all our fear and dread of the undead, we really seem to have taken to zombies in horror entertainment...